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Art by Roy Nachum

Art Meets Architecture

Art Meets Architecture

Statement pieces by artist Roy Nachum glisten among the inviting bodies of water and exposed cement textures. Custom doorknobs and mailboxes featuring the artist’s iconic materials and braille poetry allow for moments of reflection where art and architecture meet.

“I believe that the power of art is communication. If it doesn’t have a meaning, it does not exist. Art is the illusion that allows us to see the truth and architecture is the truth that allows us to see the illusion.”

Roy Nachum

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Roy Nachum is an Israeli born, New York City based artist. Known for incorporating Braille poetry in his oeuvre, his experimental work engages the viewer, believing that human interaction keeps the work alive and breaks the barrier between observer and “sacred object”.

The artist created custom art the Residences at Karl Netter, reminding us to live slower moments, to touch and feel the iconic elevated Braille as we enter each doorway with intent. An  ode to materials, textures, and experiences, Roy Nachum’s art within the building serve as a reminder to think, pause, and reflect; come back to center.

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